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    Transformers Age Of Extinction 2014 NON-IMAX HYBRID BluRay 1080p DTS-HD MA TrueHD 7.1 Atmos x264-MgB

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  • Title: Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 from 327869 users Updated : 2023-11-20
  • Genres: Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi
  • Actors: Mark Wahlberg , Nicola Peltz Beckham , Jack Reynor , Stanley Tucci , Kelsey Grammer , Titus Welliver , Sophia Myles , Bingbing Li , T.J. Miller , James Bachman , Thomas Lennon , Charles Parnell , Erika Fong , Michael Collins , Geng Han , Shiming Zou , Richard Riehle , Patrick Bristow
  • Director: Michael Bay
  • Year: 2014
  • Runtime: 165
  • 豆瓣:
  • Plot: After the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons that leveled Chicago, humanity thinks that all alien robots are a threat. So Harold Attinger, a CIA agent, establishes a unit whose sole purpose is to hunt down all of them. But it turns out that they are aided by another alien robot who is searching for Optimus Prime. Cade Yeager, a "robotics expert", buys an old truck and upon examining it, he thinks it's a Transformer. When he powers it up, he discovers it's Optimus Prime. Later, men from the unit show up looking for Optimus. He helps Yeager and his daughter Tessa escape but are pursued by the hunter. They escape and Yeager learns from technology he took from the men that a technology magnate and defense contractor named Joshua Joyce is part of what's going on, so they go to find out what's going on.

        在汽车人和霸天虎将芝加哥夷为平地的战斗之后,人类认为所有外星机器人都是一种威胁。因此,中央情报局特工哈罗德·阿廷格成立了一个单位,其唯一目的是追捕所有这些人。但事实证明,他们得到了另一个正在寻找擎天柱的外星机器人的帮助。“机器人专家”凯德·耶格尔(Cade Yeager)买了一辆旧卡车,经过检查,他认为这是一辆变形金刚(Transformer)。当他打开电源时,发现它是擎天柱。后来,部队里的人出现了,寻找擎天柱。他帮助Yeager和他的女儿Tessa逃跑,但被猎人追捕。他们逃跑了,耶格尔从他从这些人那里获得的技术中得知,一位名叫约书亚·乔伊斯(Joshua Joyce)的技术大亨和国防承包商参与了这场战争,所以他们要去调查到底发生了什么。